Board of Directors

The Governing board Is made up of five members that represent Fire District #1, Fire District #2,  Fire District #3, Shoshone County Board of Commissioners, and Industry in Shoshone County.

  • Chairman of the Board is John Specht, John is a Fire Commissioner for Fire District #1
  • Vice Chairman is Bruce VanBroeke, Bruce is a Fire Commissioner for Fire District #3
  • Secretary Treasure is Mike Dexter, Mike represents industry
  • Board Member Dale Costa. Dale represents the Commissioners for Fire District #2
  • Board Member Jay Huber, Jay is a County Commissioner

Shoshone County Emergency Medical Services Corporation was formed in 2012 as a Non Profit Public Charity under IRS code 501-c-3 to provide ambulance services to Shoshone county and portions of Kootenai County.

Why are we here?

about our company

We've built our reputation on excellent Patient Care and a timely response to your emergency. 

Our business was created to ensure the Silver Valley receives high quality and dependable pre-hospital medical care from caring well trained responders.



‚ÄčOur Providers work or volunteer for Shoshone County Fire District #1, and Shoshone County Fire District # 2. All of our personnel are certified to at least the Emergency Medical Technician level. The majority of the personnel have taken the extra step to up grade their certification to the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician level. All of our personnel spend at least 24 hours a year training to continue to improve their medical skills to better serve our patients.

Shoshone County EMS Corporation

Chief Officer

William holstein jr.

William (Bill) Holstein started with the EMS Corporation in November of 2012. Bill has 24 years of experience in Fire and EMS. He has been certified as a paramedic since 1995. Bill has served as an emergency responder and manager since 1991, in both fire departments and ambulance services.

Medical director

 Dr. Scott Reed

Dr. Reed is Board Certified Family Practice. he graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1990. he has served in Shoshone County as an ER physician at Shoshone Medical Center, and currently works at Mountain View Family medicine in Pinehurst.

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